Green Hotel

The environmental protection of Hotel Grand Saigon is evident in the use of recycled products, materials that are both cheap and easy to find for decoration inside and outside the hotel

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The old tires under the idea of the hotel management now have become colorful dolphins, shrimps, crabs, …. They are used into lovely plant pots and placed underground or hung on the wall of restaurants, terraces, swimming pools, … to create a lot of green spaces full of art.

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Especially, when walking through the streets surrounding the Hotel Grand Saigon such as Dong Khoi Street, Ngo Duc Ke Street, Ho Huan Nghiep Street, many tourists were “held back” by unique landscape models and Impressions are made from simple, inexpensive materials such as toothpicks, or recycled materials such as wheel covers, coffee beans,…

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 Grand Hotel Saigon was proud to receive the award “Southeast Asia Green Hotel” in 2016-2018; “Hotel for the green environment” from the Communication Program on Construction and Development of the National Green Economy in 2019

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