Vietnamese cuisine is divided intto 3 regions – North, Central and South – that run down the length of the country. Each region has its own unique flavors. The dishes of the North are harmonious with moderate seasoning, creating elegant and sophisticated notes. In the Central region, the taste is completely different. The dishes here are refined and focus on form, especially the cuisine from Hue. Central cuisine is spicy, salty and rich, and dishes also feature vibrant colors mixed with the prominent colors of each recipe, such as red and dark brown, that straddles between royal and street cuisines. In the South, dishes are diverse and cleverly transformed with sweet, spicy and fatty flavors due to the addition of coconut water. Southern people especially like strong and distinct flavors.

Hotel Grand Saigon has created a sophisticated breakthrough method of combining simple and traditional cooking styles from every region with professional cooking techniques of talented chefs. In order to have dishes featured from 3 regions, hotel chefs also imported additional ingredients from each region such as dot may and nhip leaves in Binh Phuoc, eel from Nghe An,… These local specialties not only carry unique flavors, but are also healthy and an aesthetically pleasing.

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